Confusion is the first step to enlightenment

This may seem to be an off hand remark about some esoteric zen philosophy but every time I say it out or think about it, I realize more and more how true it really is. Confusion results from a question. The question results from the desire to know something. The question results in the individual finding out the answer to the question. Finding out the answer to the question leads to enlightenment. And so you have it. Confusion is the first step to enlightenment. There, I’ve become a philosopher.

Dharma rocks, yo!

The following one-liners are inspired from an in-classroom conversation…

People who use humour consistently about any topic are trying to hide some guilt in the past. By using humour, they are trying to lessen their guilt in that topic.
– Psychology 101

People who have a good grasp of psychology are more likely to have been diagnosed by a shrink before.
– Psychology 102 (retort directed at the above statement)

Finding humour in seemingly unimportant daily occurrences is the key to living a stress-free life.
– Spirituality 101

Finding awakenness in a sleepy morning is the key to classroom decorum.
– Classroom Etiquette 101

Sleeping in class with eyes open is winning half the battle; the rest is won by just not caring when you’re actually awake.
– Classroom Etiquette 102

Today the evening sky was suddenly consumed in the dark clutches of an enormous rain-cloud and the sky turned from a dull gray-blue to pitch-black in a matter of minutes.