We Indians are an entitled bunch. Everything that goes on in the country,  be it in closed circles, has to be publicly disseminated, failing which we will protest, ridicule, pull down others, and in general be cynical jerks.

Why isn’t RAW doing anything about Dawood now that it is proved that he is in Pakistan. Yes sirs, kindly stand by while Ajit Doval emails you the entire dossier the intelligence agencies have collected on Dawood.

Why isn’t the Police calling up Peter Mukherjea in the Sheena murder case?   Why aren’t they brought face to face? Yes, kindly be patient as Rakesh Maria whatsapps you the latest investigation updates on WhatsApp.

What an idiot Jim Rogers is? When did he ever invest in India? Typical of Jim Rogers to forget to tweet to the whole country before pressing the Buy button.

If only people who understand that they are entitled to nothing what investigation agencies, and other private individuals do or do not do.

Want to question what the government to is doing? Fair enough. You have the rti act for that. In all other matters, you are entitled to diddly squat.

The question of whether the glass is half empty or half full has been a popular question over the years. It has been used inummerable number of times in interviews, psychological profiling, motivational seminars, and at least once, in political campaigns. So what is the correct answer to this dilemma? Well, apart from the two obvious and most common answers which claim to slot you as an optimist or a pessimist, there are no doubt countless other answers to this question. Everyone has their own version of why they see the glass as half full, half empty or any other way. For example, during the recent Lok Sabha election, in one of his speeches Narendra Modi explained his own philosophy of how he saw that situation. According to him, the glass was neither half full nor half empty. Instead it was half filled with water, half filled with air. He goes on to explain his philosophy of life being full of possibilities.

But I came across yet another way of looking at the glass in question. It was during a seminar organized by the company where I work. According to the speaker, the answer to the question whether the glass is half empty or half full depends on the liquid inside the glass. And if you think about it, it is actually a smart way of looking at things. If, for example, the glass contained beer, most people would say the glass is half empty. If instead it contained medicine, most would say the glass is half full. On the other hand, a person who was an alcoholic before and is now surving purely because of medicine would have the opposite view. He would now see the glass filled with beer as half full and the one with the medicine as only half full.

Depending on the internal conditions and environment, any situation can be looked at in multiple ways. You would agree with something one day and disagree with it the next. That is why it is best not to look at things in black and white. There could be a million different interpretations of any situation. Probably that is why the favourite answer of consultants and other managers to any question is It depends.

One of my favourite ads is the Priceless series by Mastercard. This is where they list down a few expenses and then as the punchline, deliver something which cannot be measured in money. It conjures up a beautiful combination of pride and emotion for the viewer. Here’s my own version of the ad if ever the Indian Railways decided to follow that format..

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Yesterday one of our profs made a statement which was quite profound in its terseness. Later I found out that the statement was made a few years ago by Gurcharan Das.

We [India] may have law, but they [China] have order.

Both forms have their advantages and disadvantage. Read this article for a better understanding of the line in context.

Tis’ the last day of the year. And what a year it was. As some news channel had said, it was a year to forget. The year started with a whimper, and then came the big crash of the stock market. And since then, it has been downhill. Unfortunately it ended with one of the boldest terrorist strikes on Indian soil.

In all this time, I managed to finish 3/4ths of my MBA. Still some more time left before I call myself Master of the Universe. It seems only recently that I had written the post on 1/4ths of an MBA. Yet, it feels like a long time ago. On the road ahead, there are a lot of things to think about, a lot of things to do. Among them I have to decide the future of this blog. I haven’t written much lately here. Partly it is because there’s not much inspiration left, nor the time with the daily routine of MBA. And even though there are only a few months left for its finish, I somehow feel this blog has completed its purpose.

I’ve learnt a lot of things in this journey, I’ve grown quite a bit, especially in the last four years. Yet, the more things have changed, the more they seem to stay the same. It is time once and for all to change permanently the things which are not required, to pick up things which will help you in the future and then carry on the journey. Maybe I’ll write here once in a blue moon. Till then, I’ll be somewhere thinking up something trying to be somebody.

And let us all hope 2009 is a better year for everyone.

Have you ever experienced that feeling while riding a bike when suddenly your wrist twists a little more than it should? The bike lurches forward, and for a moment you feel totally out of control of the bike, like it is taking you where it wants, not where you want it to go. Immediately you catch hold of yourself, forget everything else and loosen your grip on the accelerator to get back in control of your bike.

While riding a bike the blip on the radar screen disappears but momentarily. Now replace the word ‘bike’ with another four letter word ‘life’. How difficult (or easy) is it to gain control now? Here you’re driving on a crowded highway. Here there is not an inch to take or give. The blip this time stays missing for a longer time. So what happens? You crash into people. That is how conflicts arise. That is how fights happen. That is how people get killed.

Riding a bike with no brakes is not a good idea, so is life.

I have always been excited, as a small child, while visiting zoos. Seeing all those animals in one place was a treat to me. I used to just gaze at them prancing around peacefully. Sometimes I would feed them, sometimes touch their furry skin. But it broke my heart to see them confined to pens and cages. It made them all the more inaccessible for a person who wanted to know more about these creatures. I was constantly amazed by the diversity of the fauna which God has created.

And when I got selected here it was like a delightful dream which came true. The campus is a heaven for someone like me. There are endless acres of flora and fauna which one can discover at one’s own leisure. I prefer the night when there is calm, and a certain chill in the air. That is partly the reason why I volunteered for the night patrol. It is aimed at protecting deer from stray dogs that roam around in the campus at night.

I still remember that night when I found a small deer with its head stuck in some thorny branches beside the lake road. It was struggling and in the process scratching itself against the thorns. I went up to the deer and slowly and carefully held the branches apart so that I could put it out of its misery. The dogs would have otherwise done their deed.

My friends sometimes say that I’m weird because I show so much interest towards animals. Are there so few humans around that you want to spend so much time around animals? Sometimes they crack ugly jokes. But I ignore them. These creatures of God have no one to help them. They are my weak spot. It is in my blood to be so interested in animals. You see, after all, I am a werewolf. And tonight is a full moon.