Holi hai

5 packs of Gulal: Rs 300
1 old t-shirt, 1 pair of shorts (undergarment optional): Rs 250
One bar of Lifebuoy, three sachets of shampoo: Rs 26
1 broken pair of chappals: Rs 110
Fine for messing up the hostels: Rs 250

Seeing the pearly smiles peeking between the multicoloured faces: Priceless

Today I celebrated what was one of the wildest and unruliest yet one of the most hilarious Holi ever. The days before the festival saw a campaign by the hostel authorities warning students not to play Holi inside the hostel premises. But like every years, these rules were merely on paper.

In the morning though, it seemed that the fever had not reached the campus. But gradually, one by one, shouts and screams pierced a quiet Saturday morning and it was clear that no one was to be spared today. After rubbing Gulal on each other, we turned to more ‘fast’ colours. As I said, no one was to be spared today and those who chose to stay inside their rooms were the people who were doused the most. Along with them their rooms also received a makeover. Unfortunately, we created a lot of mess inside the hostels for which we’ll have hell to pay.

But for now, we went out in search of fresh targets. We found a small dirty pool of water and the process of dunking began. The first victims were the featherweight people in the class who could be easily lifted and carried into the water. They were asked to sit still while the others gave them a rejuvenating bath in the open air. Each one of the class members were dunked one by one.

Then started the customary dances on classic songs of Amitabh and company. But it seemed most of them were staring at the girls who were dancing by. By then, people were exhausted and ready to head back home but not before a hilarious photo session. The unofficial Kingfisher calendar of 2008 was created in a matter of half an hour. No exotic locales, no expensive make up, just pure instinct. We didn’t even need a costume designer, the torn shirts themselves provided the fashion.

Now came the cleaning process. No amount of soap, whether used for human or clothes or dishes, could remove in one go the art we had painted on our faces. But I tried as much as I could and I’d say it will take me the better part of the week to remove it all out.

But I’m in no hurry. This is one colour which can stay on forever. These are times which you cherish when you pass out of college and earn big bucks. These are times which you wish could stay on forever. We know that tomorrow we’ll have to answer for the mess we created in the hostels. But these are times when no amount of fine is too much.

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  1. I remember this one 🙂 I think that Kingfisher Calendar pic sits nicely somewhere in a folder or maybe its on FB? Memories refreshed!

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