Well, the new year has passed by quietly, what with the tragedy of the tsunami. Most of the people I know didn’t have a ‘great’ new year this time. The mood wasn’t too upbeat. Here’s how mine passed
Well, I was in Mumbai on 31st. I took a train home to Vapi, reached at around 6. I had told my friends to call me up that night so we could hang out or do something that night. Well, what happened was that my parents went to a function, and so did my brother. My friend did call, and I told him that I’ll be right over. I absentmindedly took the vehicle keys and shut the door. As I put the key into the lock, I realized that I had picked up the wrong key!! It was for another vehicle which wasn’t there. Also I didn’t have my house keys! So there I was, stuck outside my home, waiting for someone in my family to show up. I sat in the garden and swatted mosquitoes which were feasting on me. My parents came after a long time, and by that time all my mood of going to meet my friends was ruined. For me the new year just passed silently, just as any other night. At least the next day I got my mp3 player to work. That was the only consolation. Hope everyone else had a better new year. Till next time…

Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space lies our power of choice.

Exercising that power will bring control to our life

To build strong relationships, you need to conquer prideful passion.

Honour the Past,

Live in the Present,

Create the Future

This is just a few of the paradigms of life you’ll get to know while reading the ‘Living the 7 Habits’ by Stephen Covey. The same author who wrote the ‘Seven Habits..’ The book is filled up with stories of ordinary people who have transformed their lives in some way or the other by applying the seven habits and by living a value based system. The Seven Habits changed my way of thinking quite a lot. By being proactive I found that I could better control my life and not react adversely to other people’s behaviour or comments. I lost touch however in these years and I hope that with this book I’ll refresh the correct way of living. I’ll post other gems like this from this book as I read more of it

This topic has become, by now, quite stale. But for people still not acquainted with the topic, here’s a few interesting things you can do with Google.

1. Cook – http://www.researchbuzz.org/archives/001404.shtml – Just enter the ingredients you have, select the type of dish you want, and Google will cook up a dish with the ingredients you’ve entered. Pretty cool!

2. Google Fight – http://www.googlefight.com/

This site asks you to enter two opposite words and it searches them on Google. The winner is the one which has more hits.

3. define – This hack searches for a defintion of the word(s) you enter. Sometimes it can come up with pretty interesting definitions.

Enter the word you want to define after the ‘define’ keyword in Google e.g. define

Try out the following define – Bill Gates, Lalu Prasad Yadav (this doesn’t work but the page it returns is a hilarous one)

More to come…

The birds were chirping. The porters were shouting, searching for passengers with heaving luggages. The sun had just risen. The dawn sky was red ablaze. I was sitting in a compartment in the Gujarat Express that fine morning. I don’t know what made that morning peaceful but here’s what i saw, heard and felt.

As I looked out of the window, I could see a tea stall. The owner was pouring steaming hot tea for his customers. I could see them clutching their tea cups as if those cups would protect them from the early morning chill. A cassette player in one corner of the tea stall was playing the pleasant strains of the Gayatri Mantra. And in the background, the call of the muezzin reverberated through the sky. The two sounds blended beautifully, with the birds providing the chorus. It was two years after the Ahmedabad riots. The sounds seemed tell us to get on with our life. To forget all petty differences and live as one society. That peaceful morning Ahmedabad had really woken up.

what a week last week was? since last friday, uptil wed. i’ve been sitting late upto 9 9:30 in office. the work load was too high. Couldn’t get sleep, couldn’t get rest, couldnt get peace of mind. but finally that has passed over. finished most of the hard work, now just need to touch up the code, and document it. The reason I put so much effort into it was that I didn’t want to deal with much rework later when the code comes back from review. I don’t want to see a huge LOD doc. So rather put in some mehnat at the beginning and relax at the end.

Even so, this could have taken some time less. In hindsight, I can say that I should have read the specs given to me properly. The effort would have been much less, and the whole things could have finished a lot faster. Anyways, this is a lesson to be learnt for future assignments. To properly go through the specifications given by the designer, and not to depend on some other person who doesn’t know/care what he is saying, or who doesn’t have the responsibility.

Another outcome of the hard work was that I got my Diwali vacation sanctioned. Chalo now a long week away from work, with my family. just sleep eat and relax all week long.

I’m also getting behind in my OCA exam studies, so got to catch up with that too. Need to catch up on the blog to. Its a real long time since I updated it. laziness, procrastination, workload – all of the reasons

finally got a GMail account. since it is only thru invitations, i got one of my friends to invite me.

don’t know how he came to get an account. well it does say 1 GB and it does provide it. Not that i’ve

checked it. Also i had read somewhere that the whole thing is based on JavaScript so it is fast. u r

damn right its fast. es pwhen i move between the screens. its instant, just like running an applcn on

ur own pc. even the spell checker is quick. Will use it primarily for storing all my files. let’s see.

the link for inviting others gets activated only after a week or so, so i’m eagerly waiting for that

to happen.

work is going fine. getting more involved in the scheme of things. they’re giving more responsibility

to us. right now sitting after office hours, waiting to use the micro vault! going home tomorrow, hope

no unforeseen circumstances.

Visited the InOrbit Mall in Malad. Another entrant to the large number of shopping malls mushrooming up throughtout the country. Well, it is a typical mall, with all the international brands. But what I liked about it was the look from outside. It is spread over a huge area. with no underground stuffy parking. It reminded me of the Pavilion in Durban, South Africa. It was comparable too. Didn’t seem we were in India. The roads around it (though private) were clean and wide. Just at the entrance, a ‘mandap’ was being decorated for the coming Janmasthami festival. The interior
was also real nice. Though many of the shops were still empty but the ones that were there had an international look to it. Ritu Kumar, Shoppers Stop, Crossword, and international chains such as Marks and Spencer, and others. Felt like I was walking through the Pavilion again. Though compared to the Pavilion, InOrbit is quite small. But India is improving too.The selection was awesome, so were the prices!! But the Warehouse type of super markets which are gaining popularity in India will suit the Indian public for whom price is the first and foremost factor. But these type of malls will suit to the upper-middle and upper class of the metros. They have the resources to use these new facilities.

felt disgusted while watching the 2nd match against England. The way the team plays. not even as a team. just a group of individually minded players. The way Ganguly got run-out was amateurish. If the captain doesn’t know where he is heading, what do you expect from the rest of the tema ??!! this series and the one before it wasn’t worth watching, not even worth playing. no wonder sachin sat out of the tournament. there was some rumour about him having a fight with ganguly. must be true. we won the last match on sunday, but that too by a close margin. Sometimes the Indian cricket team raises the hopes of the whole country by winning a tournament or series convincingly and then suddenly brings it all down with a strange reversal. You start to wonder whether this is the same team that has won against Australi, Pakistan, the same team that reached the World Cup final.

Oh well, the Indian man has learned to cope and deal with these ups and downs in cricket. He has to face much more greater challenges in his daily life. But it would be a satisfying end to a hard day’s work if he can come home and watch a match in which the Indian team works as a team and beats the hell out of the opposition.

One of the things which could be done is to make specialized teams according to the home ground or the opposing team.

We’ve seen that M’ Kaif and Ashish Nehra have performed consistently in England and against England. Then these two people SHOULD be in the team whenever we’re playing against England. People may say that this may lead to complacency in the team. But that kind of smugness is already prevelant, where a player takes his position in the team for granted. See the performance of Sehwag in recent times. Even the senior players need to be reminded sometimes that if they don’t perform they can also pack their bags and give a chance to other younger players. A new kind of discipline will be needed if India wish to become World Champions once again.

it’s hard living without tea or coffee! Every morning I make a decision not to drink too much

tea. but whenever I see that beautiful cup steaming with hot tea, I just lose all my

resistance. I wonder what it would be like to absolutely stop having tea. I wonder how many

days I could take it. Will try it out someday But I’ll control for now

Aargh!! All these reports I’m making are eating my head out. All this ‘pensions’, and

‘capital’, and ‘opted/not-opted’, ‘challan’ and ‘return’. I think I’ll take retirement early

after dealing with all this!! 🙂

Couldn’t control Had to have a cup of tea. Didn’t have anything else to pass the time. They’ve


Ah! finally completed the report. Been doing it from one month nowwh

was writing out some queries in oracle. found out one interesting one which shows a list of

currently logged-in users along with their login times. here it is

select username, schemaname, osuser, machine, program, logon_time from v$session

where schemaname<>‘SYS’

order by username, logon_time

5:10pm – using someone else’s login to post this blog! 🙁 Stupid net not working.anyways

that’s all for now. hope everything gets alright by tomorrow. oh yeah, the Eagle has landed! 😉

A new day. A new start. Yesterday, like other days when the boss isn’t around wasn’t eventful. Just did what I do usually. Started

reading ‘How to stop worrying …’ by Dale Carnegie. Was going through the Cat-urshot evaluations of urpercentile. many people who HAVE

work experience are getting good scores in CAT. and since from what I’ve heard, the B-Schools do give preference to people who have

some experience, I’ll plan accordingly.

Another day with Crystal Reports. Whatever I do today, no tea or coffee(obv not) for me today. Even if I fall asleep on my

desk! :-O Got many mails to mail. Bye, see ya!