A lot of things have been written about the power of body language. But the funniest instance of it was when I read a very useful application of it in the classroom. While a teacher was giving a lecture in a particular classroom, all the students decided to  respond together. The professor had the habit of moving around in the class. When he went in a particular direction where the classroom heater was located, all the students gave very positive cues as if they were listening attentively. When he stood at the other end, the students looked apparently bored. They continued this conditioning every time he moved around. The story, as it goes, says that by the end of the class, all this collective effort by the students ensured that the professor was literally sitting on the hot radiator!

Here of course, we don’t have heaters in the classroom. So what could be the places we could send the professor? Outside the door? Or under the AC vent? Or in front of the fan? Its too late for me to try this out. So if someone ever tries this, let me know how it turned out.