“Life after MBA is a 2×2 matrix. And I’m lost somewhere in the 3rd dimension”

Yes, this is what I felt after a couple of hours of wading through a pool of muck. Actually it was a class on Strategy. The material was so dry and abstract that I wondered if this is what the CxOs of MNCs do all day long. Fit frameworks and apply models? If so, it must be quite a drab job up there. I would be better off copy pasting Java code in Notepad. No, there must be something better. Something enjoyable. But while thinking about it, out of my over-active mind came another thought…

If all you have is a 2×2 matrix, you’ll forever be stuck in a flat world.

It’s all in how you look at your job. In the end it doesn’t matter how much you earn or what title you have. Its how much you enjoy doing the work. As Hrithik Roshan immortalized the concept in Lakshya, “Become a grass-cutter if that’s what you want, but become the best grass-cutter you can.” And the surest way to do that is to enjoy cutting grass. That is one point I will keep in mind while taking the first few steps in industry tomorrow. So here’s looking forward to becoming the best grass-cutter I can. I am all packed, ready to go. Oh yeah, but a slight problem, I still have to get a job. 🙂