Tata Sky and its incredible sales playbook

Had the most annoying conversation with a Tata Sky call centre rep. First some background information. Since around two years, I have cut the cord. Although I have a Tata Sky HD box (with recording feature, no less) installed at my home, I no longer watch TV. Whenever relatives visit, I activate it by recharging it for a couple of days. But for the most part of every month, the account stays inactive. And apparently my DTH operator does not like that.

I get a lot of calls from them reminding me of the inactive status and asking me to recharge. This, in spite of me having told them not to bother calling me. Today I got yet another call from Tata Sky. This is how the conversation went.

Rep: Sir, I’m calling from Tata Sky, I want to share some information regarding your account. Right now…

Me (interrupting): Yes, I’m aware that my account is inactive. I’ll recharge my account when I want to. Right now I do not want to.

Rep: Sir, may I know why you do not want to recharge?

Me: Because I do not watch TV.

Now, wait for it. I thought the rep would end the conversation here. I’m not sure what kind of sales playbook has been given to Tata Sky reps, but this is what she asked me instead.

Rep: Sir, but there would be others in your family who would want to watch TV, na?

Part of me wanted to say, “Yes, too bad I don’t ever let them out of the dungeon…” and then let out a Frankensteinish laugh. But I recalled that “all calls to our customer care centre will be recorded for quality and service purpose”, and for that reason, I gave the more politically correct answer,

Me: Whenever they want to watch TV, they’ll let me know. And then I’ll recharge my account.

Never thought that I’d have to prove myself to my DTH operator that I’m not a heartless husband, for the most part.

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